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Introducing the CBD Industry Association

The CBD Industry Association (CBDIATM) is a new program attracting cannabis professionals from all corners of the industry: extraction experts, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and more. Industry players seek unification under the CBDIATM to promote progress. The association has also begun offering certification courses overseen by partnered physician, Adam Abodeely, (MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS) to provide endorsed specialization and continuing education […]

CBD Use Gaining Popularity For Help With Everything From Pain to Anxiety

Kseniya Sullivan of Bellmore, now 34, suffered with depression since she was 15, chronic pain since she was 25, and migraines for as long as she can remember. Her 16-year-old son is challenged with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), major depression disorder, and anxiety. They both felt like prisoners of their prescription medication up until […]

Seth Rogen’s 420-Friendly Adult Carnival to Benefit Alzheimer’s Research

Actor Seth Rogen will be the ringmaster at an adults-only charity carnival in September 2019 featuring comedians running game booths and marijuana aplenty. Proceeds from the Hilarity for Charity County Fair will go toward research into combating Alzheimer’s disease, an issue close to Rogen. I’m throwing a carnival for adults for charity! Your favorite comedians […]

5 Surprising Benefits of CBD Oil

We often hear about the popular psychoactive aspect of THC, but an exogenous newcomer also found in cannabis has been taking the scene by storm and is showing no signs of stopping. CBD (cannabidiol)—commonly taken in the form of oil—doesn’t produce (contains 0.03% THC) any psychoactivity, and according to the World Health Organization is completely safe for […]

New data shows Cannabis replacing Alcohol and Pharmaceuticals in the U.S.

A new U.S. study shows that more and more people are giving up alcohol and pharmaceuticals in favour of cannabis use. The groundbreaking study conducted by New Frontier Data surveyed over 3,000 adult Americans to show people from all age groups and demographics in the U.S. are moving away from alcohol and pharmaceuticals in favour of cannabis […]

Can cannabis products be used to increase overall health and well-being?

There’s no doubting that the stigma relating to cannabis products created from the failing ‘war on drugs’ campaign, that labelled cannabis as a ‘gateway drug’ and cannabis users as ‘lazy’, is slowly but surely being turned around with current breakthroughs in clinical studies and scientific research, as well as a change of its portrayal in […]