Doug Sutherland | Compounding Formulator

Doug is a founding member of Master Growers has been on a search to find a path to healing. While working as a paramedic and firefighter, Doug was exposed to a virus that traveled to his heart and caused a career-ending heart attack. Seven years later and five separate cancers, the search was proving difficult with little answers coming from the modern allopathic institutions. Twenty years of emergent patient care and a strong academic background in the natural sciences allowed him a solid base to research answers. Doug’s research always led back to the basics: the five elements. Our bodies share these elements with all organic life, there are answers to a superior quality of life if we pursue health through these elements.

The research led to a few surprising conclusions. One, our bodies contain a cannabinoid system and two, it’s being neglected. So, Doug developed a few products to address his injuries through the endocannabinoid system. Alcohol proved to be the safest and most therapeutic way to distill the appropriate oils and tinctures. Doug was able to achieve his goals through an organic diet, exercise, breath, hemp-derived CBD, and cannabis-derived ACO (alcohol clear oil, Master Growers unique extraction method)… Doug and his partner, Kari Taylor have collaborated to bring the healthiest products forward. We use organic petrochemical free inputs to design our products.  We feel our bodies will always seek homeostasis, it just needs proper nutrition and support. Quality of life is our main goal, we want everybody to experience happiness and good health through our products.

Kari Taylor | Apothacarist

Kari Taylor, Founder of Fractal Farmacy, is a Cannabis Consultant, Certified Detoxification Specialist, Iridologist and “High Yoga” Instructor. She is a committed patient advocate and advisor, with the privilege of empowering people to take charge of their health through holistic and natural medicine solutions.

After years of visiting practitioners of all kinds in an effort to resolve her own health concerns, Kari began looking for natural solutions to chronic illness. Finding herself sicker than ever, and with empty pockets, she was driven to the internet to find a path that would work for her.

Kari found Dr. Robert Morse, and Dr. Robert Cassar. Her journey into raw foods and detoxification began and empowered her to take back her health. Navigating the road to wellness was not always easy, and she saw herself, and many clients struggling with rigid protocols and slow progress.

She noticed that patients utilizing cannabis were achieving amazing healing results, without years of dedication to strict protocols. Many of the cancer patients were receiving chemotherapy and radiation, consuming toxic substances, and taking extracts from the cannabis plant were still finding relief, and healing… She saw an opportunity to combine food, herbalism, and cannabis to create protocols that would speed the healing and regeneration of the body.

While working in the Medical Cannabis Markets, Kari bridged the gap between the Doctor’s recommendation and finding appropriate forms of administration for patients. In many cases, she found herself crafting custom medicine that would better serve her clients, earning her the name “ApotheKari”. With consistent feedback from patients, Kari was able to develop premium herbal products unlike anything else currently available in the cannabis industry.

Kari obtained her certification from the International School of Detoxification, and assists patients (including many celebrities) throughout the United States, and Internationally. Kari also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from St. Cloud State University.